Maui Animal Shelters Need Us. Help Avoid Euthanasia!

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  • destinatario: Federal Emergency Management Agency

The recent fires in Maui have devastated communities and separated countless pets from their families. As residents begin the painful process of rebuilding and returning, the search for their beloved pets is just starting. And while Maui's animal shelters are doing their best, the sheer number of displaced pets is overwhelming their capacities, raising the risk of euthanasia. 

Sign the petition now to demand that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) allocate funds and personnel to support Maui's animal shelters so they're equipped to handle this enormous influx of pets!

The already-stretched resources of local shelters are being tested as they try to accommodate every pet brought to their doors. Without additional support, these shelters face the grim possibility of having to euthanize innocent animals, not due to a lack of compassion, but simply because they don't have enough space and resources!

This is about reuniting families. As Maui residents grapple with the trauma and loss from the fires, finding their pets can offer immense comfort and solace. These animals, disoriented and traumatized from the chaos, desperately need the familiarity of their families or the prospect of a new loving home.

By allocating funds and personnel, FEMA can bolster the incredible efforts of Maui's animal shelters. This would aid in expanding their facilities, hiring more staff, and setting up systems to expedite pet and family reunions.

Sign the petition to tell FEMA: As Maui rebuilds, ensure its pets are given priority. Support the shelters that are working tirelessly to reunite families and save pets from tragic outcomes.

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