Why Is the White House Caving to Transphobic Fear Mongers on Fox News?

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The White House hosted a remarkably inclusive Pride celebration this year, including many queer BIPOC and trans activists. Rose Montoya was one of these people. While on the White House lawn, she posted a partially "topless" video of her holding her breasts in her hands, standing in solidarity with trans people who have scars from gender-affirming top surgery. Of course, right-wing media members lost their minds and tried to cancel Rose.

You couldn't even see Rose's chest in the video, and on top of that, it is perfectly legal to be topless in Washington D.C. anyway. But these facts apparently don't matter to the White House, which confirmed it will not be inviting Rose back to future events.

Sign now to tell the White House to stop caving to Fox News fear-mongers and rescind this ridiculous ban!

Even TikTok hasn't pulled the video of the event off its platform - and the company has a strict, explicit ban on nudity. This confirms that the White House's response is an obvious overreaction, and the transphobic undertones are loud and clear. We must tell the Biden administration and White House to rescind this ridiculously petty ban on Rose Montoya!

Fox News, of course, had a field day with the video. It blasted the event, Rose, and the Biden administration's attempts to host more inclusive Pride celebrations. The network has been at the center of a dangerously transphobic movement which has made accessing basic healthcare difficult for many trans people throughout red states.

By banning Rose Montoya, the White House is simply caving in to the demands of right-wing fear mongers. The White House must protect trans rights and rescind this absurd ban immediately!
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