Fire Cop Who Ordered Man to Cut Off His Dog's Head!

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  • destinatario: Crawford County Sheriff Lewis S. Walker
When Joe Nate Goodwin's girlfriend called him to say his dog Big Boy had been shot, he left work and raced straight home. Sure enough, a sheriff's deputy had shot and killed Big Boy in Goodwin's yard.

But the horror didn't stop there. Soon after discovering the bloody scene, Goodwin would be forced to cut off Big Boy's head with a kitchen knife.

Please join in demanding that Crawford County Sheriff Lewis S. Walker fire the investigator who ordered Goodwin to decapitate his own dog immediately!

The horrifying incident began when a sheriff's deputy was dispatched to Goodwin's home after a neighbor called to report a dog bite involving Big Boy. While on the scene, Big Boy allegedly lunged at the deputy, who shot and killed him on the spot. When Goodwin arrived, he and the deputy calmly talked about what happened. The situation was not ideal, but it was under control — until sheriff's investigator James Hollis arrived.

What started as a series of questions about Big Boy's vaccination records, quickly escalated and turned into the investigator ordering Goodwin to cut off Big Boy's head to bring to the health department. Video footage of the encounter shows Hollis threatening to arrest Goodwin if he does not comply.

Eventually Goodwin did cut off Big Boy's head, after which the police ordered Goodwin's girlfriend to put the head in a plastic bag and take it to the health department immediately. She cried throughout the car ride.

James Hollis' behavior was absolutely outrageous. There was no reason for him to order Joe Nate Goodwin to cut off his own dog's head.

Please sign this petition and let's make sure the investigator is held accountable. Tell Crawford County Sheriff Lewis S. Walker tor fire James Hollis today!
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