Ask Canada to stop killing stray dogs

Canadians  may try to say this does not happen. The proof is in front of you. The Facts are here. You can even google the info for yourself. Just google canada shoots stray dogs. Wether Canada kills dogs in native communities or in big cities it does not matter. Those dogs are CANADIAN. These pictures are CANADIAN.

The world was outraged when they heard Sochi Russia was killing stray dogs but did you know Canada also Kills stray dogs ALL THE TIME.

On certain dates canada has events where they just cull all the stray dogs.



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Canadians bring in 1000's of homeless dogs from other countries every year.


From Russia, Afghanstain , India, Mexico , Thailand , China. Time to stop this and save CANADIAN DOGS.

Please stop killing dogs and find a better way to control the population

SHOW SOME RESPECT for the animals of Canada

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