Petition To Get The Islanders Out Of New York

    The Islanders have for a long time been an EMBARRASSMENT of a sports franchise to the great state of New York. Thats for starters. In the past decade they have been in a total of 3 arenas, proving that they are incapable of securing and holding down an arena (by comparison, the New York Rangers have played in ONE arena, Madison Square Garden, since its existence beginning in 1926) Islanders season ticket subscriptions have been declining year after year after year. Year One at UBS they had over 10,000 season subscribers. NOW, they're WELL under 5000 and it's dropping. Heck I got a Facebook friend who said HIS friend tried to drop his season ticket subscription and then the Islanders DESPERATELY tried to offer him free lifetime hotdogs in exchange for him not dropping his subscription. His friend's response: "How much hotdogs do you think Im gonna eat, nah Im good". As New Yorkers theres 3 things we love, beer, pizza, and we LOVE our hotdogs. Heck we got Nathans the hotdog headquarters. So saying NOT having Islanders season tickets is better than NOT having lifetime supply of hotdogs is saying something. Season ticket sales reps for the Isles are saying that fans aren't renewing their tickets because the entertainment value isn't worth the high cost of being there. Meaning the Islanders are flat out just not producing a product suitable to the IDIOTS... I mean their fans's enjoyment. The Islanders tickets have zero value. This is a DYING franchise and lets actually HELP it out by moving it to another city/state. Not to mention their fans are a bunch of AIRHEADED GOONS, and when they come to Madison Square Garden for Islanders playing the Rangers and it Ranger home games, while the Rangers fans are on our best behavior, the Islanders CONTINUOUSLY try and antagonize us because they are jealous of the Rangers's success over the years and THEIR own lack thereof. So they act like GOONS and THUGS in the heart of New York City where we're supposed to be the mecca and set an example of classiness and a sense of welcome to tourists around the world. And CLASSLESS Islanders fans dont do that. This city depends on tourists's revenue and the Islanders fans will potentially scare them away. We have to get the Islanders out of New York for the sake of the betterment of our city.

    Sincerely, Larry M.
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