We want our pay!

Dept. Labour,
Gov. N.L.

For almost two years now a group of employees(60-80 across 4 shifts) at IOC Labrador City, have been short paid on a regular basis, ranging from 1-6 hours per pay period. The company (IOC) has been made aware of this issue every pay period. We report it to team leaders, senior team leaders, superintendents, HR and managers, everyone is aware of the issue but nobody wants to resolve it. We have had meetings, we have had guarantees, and promises and commitments but we haven't received our pay. We have filed numerous grievances over the past 2 years to try to recover our pay, many of these grievances were never heard and were placed in the pile with thousands of others that were then sold out during our last contract negotiations for 25-30 cents on the dollar. We the undersigned are not willing to accept a 70% pay cut on money that this company legally owes us. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated. Please contact us for any clarification required,

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