Shut down ARBA

  • al: Tabby Dimock
  • destinatario: American Rabbit Breeders Association

For those that don't know what ARBA is, it stands for: American Rabbit Breeding Association.

The good people already know where this petition is going, breeding is why animals in shelters die, that is true.

Rabbits are the third most abandoned animals in shelters, because people think they're as simple as caring for a snail. While in reality, rabbits need a fresh healthy diet of pellets, hay, and veggies, room to roam, a sleeping area, and lots of enrichment.

But ARBA is much darker than just the breeding, they want people to buy their animals, so they're willing to sink low to get customers.

Evidence has shown how violent ARBA breeders and supporters are, even starting a trend on TikTok called the "Pet People" trend, where they'll go around terrorizing reputable rescues and animal caretakers, even going as far as telling current animal caretakers to kill their animals and buy from a breeder instead

These ARBA breeders also claim to hate PETA for supposedly euthanizing multiple animals, but yet they wish for all animals in shelters to be eradicated so they can promote "ethical" breeders, why are they against PETA for something they wish to happen?

ARBA Breeders even harass people if they choose to get their animals spayed and neutered for their health.

They've also harassed people who recently had an animal pass away trying to guilt trip them into thinking the death was their fault.

If those weren't bad enough, the rabbits in the "care" of these breeders have a very small survival rate, with their only chance of being purchased by someone that's willing to give them proper care if they are being sold, otherwise, they either have to live out their entire lives in a wire cage with nothing but dull pellets, or if they're not considered "perfect" enough, they have their spinal cords severed to kill them rather than humane euthanasia.

Some of these ARBA breeders have also been found breeding other animals in poor conditions such as guinea pigs, quail, and chickens. Along with even tormenting wildlife

ARBA breeders have also been found doing things such as flipping animals for profit and keeping Betta sororities in improper tanks.

It's clear that ARBA is training animal abusing terrorists so they can make a profit.

We need to remind them that their claims are false and show them that no matter how many rabbits they slaughter at only 1-2 years old, that there will be humans that will always rescue rabbits instead!

Sign this petition and urge ARBA to end its promotion of breeding and slaughtering innocent rabbits!!

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The American Rabbit Breeders Association has been censored on Great Non-profits and Wikipedia for their cruelty and terrorism towards animals and animal rescuers.
This is a great major step into shutting them down.
Now YouTube, Facebook, and PBS must follow in cutting ties with ARBA.
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Members of ARBA discovered who I was, after I lit up ARBA for promoting terrorism amongst their breeders.
They ended up shutting down their comment section on their Facebook page.
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