That McDonalds Burger Is Burning Down The Amazon Rainforest

You may already be aware that the Amazon rain forest is literally on fire. You may not be aware that you, or your food choices, are partly to blame. The fires that are rampaging the Amazon rainforest, also known at the lungs of the earth, were started by cattle farmers and some of the biggest clients of those cattle farmers are huge chain fastfood restaurants like McDonalds

That's why we are asking McDonalds to change their beef supplier in an effort to prevent future fires started in this way. 

Beef consumption is one of the big contributors to climate change, due in part to how much land they require and the subsequent deforestion, like what's happening in the Amazon. The fires there are because cattle farmers burned forests in uncontrolled ways that got out of hand. But they should never have been allowed to burn the forest for this purpose at all. But the demand for cattle is so high. 

That's why we need to convince huge consumers of beef products, like McDonalds, to only buy from sustainable sources. Yes, it would cost more money. But McDonalds is doing just fine, they could eat the cost themselves or charge more for beef products. In fact, one idea on combatting this factor for climate change is taxing beef products. To really combat climate change, it will take both agricultural changes and less reliance on fossil fuels.

The Amazon rainforest is burning and that will speed up climate change given how much air is created by the magical place. We must stoo deforestation and accidents like these fires by demanding some of the biggest players make the hard, but responsible choice. 

Please sign the petition to tell McDonalds they must find a different cattle source, one that's more sustainable, albeit more expensive. It's their duty to the earth and to all the people here. 

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