Stop the harassment and threats from shelby hill, friends and family

Shelby hill has been harassing my family for 3 years and when I found out that I was pregnant then she wished death on my son!! Then my husband got put in prison for false accusations. Well, shelby hill has yet to stop the harassment and slander towards me and anyone that doesnt believe her. She has her family and friends message me on social media harassing me!! She even had her friend name sierra hart from madisonville Kentucky message me and tell me (these are her words and not mine) "I pray God takes that baby because you dont deserve him". So also wishing death on my child. Something needs to be done with these crazy people. I have tried and tried to get help from the police department and they wont do anything. The only thing that they have done was call shelby and tell her to stop!! Well, that didn't even last a week!! Then she started again!! They continue to run my 8 year olds name in the mud also!! Shelby hill apparently got CPS called on her for abusing her kids and who gets the blame?? Me!! When I had nothing to do with it!! When will all of this stop?? I believe that shelby hill either needs to committed for a long time or shelby needs to be put in prison for threatening a child and myself and harassment on me, my kids and a lady that is fighting brain cancer!! Sierra on the other hand just needs to be put in prison for threats on a child and harassment on a lady fighting brain cancer!! Neither one of them are mentally stable enough to have their own children!! Please help save these kids!! If they will harass my kids and wish death on them then what will they do to their own kids??

@department of justice @western state 

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