Dorothy Bingham Enhancement Act-OBRA ACT 1987 (Addendum)

  • al: Julie Lewis
  • destinatario: People, Government,Representatives.

First, have sufficient nursing staff. (42 CFR §483.30). This is not currently happening, Reports of staffing levels being as low as  1-17. Nursing Homes and Adult Family Homes run with having insufficient staff all the time. Staff are forced to take shortcuts just to get to each resident they are assigned to, and not without a challenge.
This is not only neglect, but unfair to the care givers as well. In addition, being out of compliance with federal and state regulations. Staffing levels currently are 1-5 during the day, 1-10 in the evening, and 1-15 at night. This needs to be amended under the Dorothy Bingham Enhancement Act. with special emphasis on people with Dementia/Alzheimer's disease,  because they are the most vulnerable. They should be provided additional staffing especially when their needs start to increase and they lose all ability to do for themselves.

Secondly, CMS, HCA, WHO, JC, CoPs all need to be held accountable because they govern over Nursing and Home Health facilities,. Increase supervision and training for health care staff. Have reduced cost for the Residents. The cost for residents living in Nursing homes are between, 
$7, 000.00-$10,000.00 a month for care. They are being overcharged, for substandard care.

Third, Medicare to cover like Medicaid, be amended, and add long-term care coverage without a lot of increase in the premiums cost.

Last, CMS should renegotiate with providers to help reduce medical cost for Residents in Nursing and Home care facilities.

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