Petition to Abolish Greek Life on all University Campuses

  • al: Christopher Greig
  • destinatario: Canadian Government Parliament Senate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Doug Ford

I am petitioning to abolish Greek Life on all college and university campuses. This includes both toxic fraternities and sororities.

Fraternities and sororities are a cesspool of exclusion, sexism, hazing, and substance abuse. They're responsible for a growing number of high-profile incidents of discrimination against underrepresented races and ethnicities, sexual assault, and multiple deaths because of alcohol abuse and violent hazing rituals.

Their system is obviously broken and it's impossible to adequately reform Greek life. Therefore, we must abolish it.

I've heard a lot of horror stories from many former fraternity and sorority members who have left their organizations in protest of what they say is the toxic and bigoted nature fraternities and sororities.

Many students, both current and former members in Southern Ontario, have experienced incidences of racism, misogyny, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and sexual assault due to systemic oppression within these frats and sororities.

Even Greek organizations that have diverse memberships, such as Sigma Chi and Delta Chi, are "still part of a system that is deeply misogynistic, racist, and classist."

There have been many instances of frat members, from UWindsor, using racial and homophobic slurs on social media. It doesn't help that they wear Klan robes during their initiations and revere their founders who were Confederate Klans men from the Civil War era.

Its obvious fraternities are a cover for toxic masculinity and closeted homosexuality.

The worst part is that no one seems to notice that fraternities are a cult where members are brainwashed, indoctrinated, forced into indentured labor, have to kick up money to the senior members and former members are excommunicated and shunned. I have a colleague who is still into Greeklife despite him being way into his thirties. This is pathetic and sad.

I am already coordinating steps to disband fraternities and sororities on Windsor and London campuses, but we need a bigger push from the top University brass members and the provincial government of Ontario.

Let's get rid of this scourge of academia!

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