Please Don't Kill Dog on The Walking Dead!

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  • destinatario: The Walking Dead Producers
I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead, a zombie apocalyptic fantasy show. It's a very interesting look at human behavior if the known rules of society were thrown out by a huge disaster. And something amazing has just happened, a doggo has joined the cast! But the scary thing is that that doggo could now be in danger of getting killed off in the rough world of TWD.

Please sign my petition to ask TWD writers to keep Dog on the show in perpetuity!

It's weird, but I find myself more sensitive to violence against animals on TV and in movies than violence against humans. They are both upsetting, but somehow the idea of an innocent and helpless animal like a dog getting hurt is truly soul crushing. Don't get me wrong, I know what I'm getting into by watching this show. The whole thing is violence.

However, I'm here to offer my 2 cents and ask the writers not to kill Dog. Will you join me in sending this important message?

The dog is Daryl's side kick and it's truly adorable. His name is Dog and he seems to be a substitute for Rick Grimes, who is now gone. Daryl and Rick were practically brothers and incredible leaders and it would honestly just be too much to lose Dog as well. 

Dog is a German Shepherd and I love him. Please join me in asking the writers to keep him around!
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