Stop harrasment by Ruthie Rushing

    Ruthie Rushing has been harassing several families whose children have been shaken by someone (including Ruthie's husband who is serving time in jail) the harrasment started with the family who Bobby Rushing ended up giving their child SBS Shaken baby syndrome. She still to this day harasses them making false reports to Cps (Child protective services) bullies them on social media and then found some of the families friends who children also have been shaken. She is obsessed with shaken baby survivors thinks it's all false and everyone is innocent who is in jail serving there time. She stalks and harrasses several people, Which is why me and many others think this woman needs to be sent to a mental hospital So these families can relax and not worry about what she is going to say/do next to them. Please help us seek justice weather it's into a mental hospital or jail time the community and these families are over the stress this will give the families peace knowing she is getting help instead of causing issues with the community the families have tried to get help from the police department but there isn't much they can do due to most of it being on social media. The community wants this madness to stop they want to be left alone and have peace. And Everyone deserves to not have to worry what Ruthie will be trying nexr. So please help Ruthie hopefully get better once checked into a mental hospital to seek the help she needs!

    We need everyone who has been affected/harrased by Ruthie Rushing to please sign this. Let's get her the help she needs and stop her from harrassing innocent people.

    @department of Justice @western state
    firma la petición
    firma la petición
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