Ban Killing of Bonobos for Bush Meat while Saving Them from Extinction

  • al: Sue Lee
  • destinatario: President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC), Joseph Mobuto

The bonobos are often confused with chimpanzees, although they are a completely different species. They do resemble the chimps in appearance and share 98.7 percent of their DNA with humans.  They also share the same intelligence and emotional intricacy although they are not quite as feisty as their cousin. Read more at

The bonobos are predominant in forest of the Congo basin in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This animal is considered an endangered species. The bonobo has a low reproductive rate and faces many threats including loss of habitat, hunting and being killed for bush meat.  These adorable little primates that are close relatives to our own and with so many threats, including poaching.

Our efforts through this petition is to encourage the President of the Congo to ban any and all killing of the Bonobos and take further steps in preserving their existence.  You can help us to save these valuable, endangered animals by signing and sharing this petition.

President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC), Joseph Mobuto – We strongly urge you to ban any and all killing of the Bonobos used for bush meat.  These animals are in grave danger of extinction due to many threats that includes poaching, hunting and loss of proper habitat.  Ensure their habitat is maintained and the animals are protected through a ban of killing them for bush meat or any other reason. Save these animals from extinction.

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firma la petición
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