Netflix, Eliminate All Gender Pay Gaps Now!

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  • destinatario: Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix
Inspired by the Time's Up movement, HBO just announced that it reviewed every show on the network and fixed all gender pay disparities. This is awesome news, and we applaud HBO for holding itself accountable for equal pay!

Now, we're asking Netflix to do the same. Please join in demanding that Netflix review all of its productions and eliminate all gender pay discrepancies now!

Netflix has been called out repeatedly for problems with equal pay. Earlier this year, we learned that Claire Foy, the female lead on The Crown, was paid less than her onscreen husband. When show creators Shonda Rhimes, a black woman, and Ryan Murphy, a white man, signed contracts with Netflix, Murphy was offered three times as much as Rhimes despite both being equally popular.

Women in all industries are facing a struggle for pay equality. Women in the U.S. typically earn 80 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts for full time work. And the pay gap for women of color is even more striking. Black women typically only make 63 cents for every dollar paid to their white male counterparts and Latinx women only make 54 cents on average.

While it may be easy for some to dismiss gender pay disparity for already high-paid celebrities, publicly addressing high-profile cases of sexism will also help create greater opportunities for all women -- in all careers.

Netflix must finally address its many problems with equal pay. Sign now to tell Netflix to audit its roster of shows and correct all gender pay discrepancies now.
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