Preserving Rushmore Estate Farm - Winery Vision Project

Seth Pulver has been owner of the Rushmore Estate in Highland Mills NY. for over 20 years. He has been a pillar as a business owner as well as a most charitable member of our community, supporting numerous causes and donating his time at our local food pantry.

Seth has a strong vision to open a winery on a portion of the property he owns. His vision includes the future, where he wants this property to stay in his family for generations to come, and is trying to pave the way for this to happen.

Seth needs our help - in order for this winery project to move forward, he needs to be granted a variance on the access to the winery - this would require traffic to enter from 32 to Quaker Road onto Ice House Road, a private road that he owns that goes directly to the location where the winery would be located.

Not only is Seth looking to provide a great venue for people to enjoy, he will be providing more job opportunities, more tax revenues for our town, as well as partner with other local eateries in our area to filter guests to after they have visited the property.

Wine tasting, events, day fairs are some of the activities he sees as happening when open. He also takes great pride in his family friendly vision where families with children of all ages can hike tour the winery, learn about wine making, and even take a hay ride through the vineyard.

Bottom line is that Seth Pulver is TRULY looking to create a STABLE OWNERSHIP of this 55 acres of land he owns for years to come. It's a huge investment on his part to make this a successful business for his community and his family.

We need support from YOU - our neighbors, our community. On Wednesday May 8th at 7:30pm, Seth will be before the Woodbury Zoning Board yet again, with more revisions and tweeks to the current request. He needs this variance from Ice House Road to Quaker to 32 to happen.

Please sign the petition below that you support this exciting venture, and please come in person to the meeting on May 8th -

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firma la petición
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