The Deepfake Attacks on Taylor Swift Prove It's Time for Federal AI Laws!

We're witnessing a troubling trend in our digital world. AI-generated misinformation is wreaking havoc on lives and reputations. The recent proliferation of AI-generated misinformation and deepfake attacks against celebrities like Taylor Swift has raised serious concerns.

It's a problem that needs urgent attention, and we believe that federal legislation is the answer.

Sign the petition if you want to see Congress pass swift, effective legislation prohibiting the use of AI technology for this type of attack!

As you probably know, Taylor Swift was the victim of a vile deepfake attack, during which fabricated sexually explicit images of her circulated online. The disturbing images were created by readily available AI tools -- specifically Microsoft's Designer product. The affordability and popularity of these tools means that attacks like this very well may become common. And if it can happen to one of the most powerful women in entertainment, that means it can happen to any young girl, woman, or person.

Deepfakes like these have the potential to ruin lives, reputations, and emotional well-being -- especially for people who do not have the power and influence to prove they are fake, or to pay people to scrub them from the internet!

It's also an issue that runs along the lines of already marginalized or victimized people. Women will surely fall victim more to these sorts of obscene images being generated. And there are racial implications as well.

Consider the recent case of AI-generated misinformation flooding YouTube, defaming numerous Black celebrities. These videos manipulated real news events with horrific false information like rape allegations and sex trafficking charges, garnering millions of views and causing immeasurable harm. Prominent figures like Steve Harvey and Denzel Washington were targeted by the fake content on YouTube.

The impact of AI misuse is undeniable. It threatens all of us, and will likely amplify racist, misogynistic, bigoted people and their views.

However, at least 10 states, including California, New York, and Virginia, have taken action, passing laws that hold creators and spreaders of these attacks accountable!

But the issue is far-reaching, and it transcends state boundaries. We believe it's time for a unified, nationwide response to protect individuals, regardless of their public profile, from the devastating impact of deepfakes and AI-generated misinformation.

Your signature matters, and united, we can make a real difference. Join us in urging Congress to pass federal legislation that protects us from the use of AI in digital attacks!
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