Abusive Puppy Mills Are Flourishing Due to Horrible Politicians

  • destinatario: Welsh Government

Puppy mills are horrible places where dogs and sometimes other animals are bred to sell. The problem is that their goal is to make money, not protect animals. The result of this is that puppy mills animals are often inbred, sick, neglected, and even abused. Those puppies are then sold to pet stores and families. The buyers don't realize how sick the puppy is or how many more are suffering due to this industry. 

Fortunately, there is a worldwide push to ban buying from commercial breeders (puppy mills) to try to shut them down. Unfortunately, Wales is full of these puppy mills, and their government is dragging their feet at introducing Lucy's Law, which would stop the abuse. Please sign the petition to tell the Welsh government to introduce and pass this crucial animal protection law right away. 

Just more proof that puppy mills don't care about their animals is the fact that when they become too old or too sick to breed, they just abandon them. That's where Primrose, the poor baby in the photo, came from. This photo is from her rescuers: Friends of Animal Wales. But she shouldn't have had to live such a horrible life anyway. She likely lived in a tiny cage with no access to the outdoors, forced to give birth again and again. She may not even have had a name in her prison. 

That's just how puppy mill operators see animals: as objects to use and make money from. But we know that animals are living, breathing, feeling creatures. We also know they need our help and protection. That's why we need to put the pressure on the Welsh government right now to pass this important legislation as soon as possible!

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