A Cyanide Bomb Killed their Family Dog and Threatened their Son: USDA Stop Using Them Now!

  • al: Aaron V.
  • destinatario: Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture appointee

A 14-year-old boy was walking his dog Casey out behind his house in rural Idaho. The two found something that the boy said "looked like a sprinkler." They investigated it and it exploded, sending orange dye everywhere. Casey, their beautiful lab was dead within minutes.

It turns out the device was an M-44 cyanide trap that had been left just behind the family's property by the USDA's mis-named Wildlife Services program. They rushed their son to the hospital, and thankfully, he was not poisoned, but he is now dealing with the tragic and avoidable loss of his best friend.

Sign this petition and help make sure families don't ever have to go through this again.

The Wildlife Services program is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars, and kills millions of wild animals every year.  This month alone, t
his same type of trap killed two other beloved dogs in Wyoming as well as an endangered Oregon wolf. In 2015 the program killed 68,905 coyotes, 731 bobcats, 480 bears, 385 wolves and 284 mountain lions.

It's time to end this program. Demand the USDA Wildlife Services program end their use of lethal traps, and prioritize non-lethal efforts in the future. 

For more information, you can read this Care2 causes article on this horrible event. 

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