National Women's Soccer League: Stop Discriminating Against Transgender Athletes!

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The International Olympic Committee took a crucial step toward ending discrimination and promoting inclusivity of trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming (GNC) athletes. Historically, Olympic athletes had to undergo traumatic, invasive and medically unnecessary treatments or procedures in order to compete. Yet while the IOC makes important strides by eliminating these requirements, the National Women's Soccer League still holds transphobic and discriminatory eligibility policies.

Sign now to demand that the National Women's Soccer League end discrimination against trans and GNC athletes!

Sports leagues are notorious for their transphobic policies and perpetuation of discrimination against athletes. Yet soccer has not come under much scrutiny, likely in part because women's soccer in the United States has been a key area of representation in recent years. A number of internationally-recognized players on the World Cup-winning U.S. women's team identify as gay, lesbian, and/or queer, an important victory for LGBTQ+ representation in sports. But partial representation is meaningless if the National Women's Soccer League maintains transphobic policy. 

Under the current NWSL Policy, trans athletes assigned female at birth are ineligible to compete if they are undergoing testosterone hormone therapy. This policy is outdated and promotes bigotry against and misunderstanding of transgender people and their experiences. This is inexcusable in a professional sport that markets itself as inclusive and representative.

The IOC's policy changes were "grounded on the respect for internationally recognised human rights," according to a statement from the organization. It is time that the National Women's Soccer League respects human rights and moves in the same direction. Sign now to demand that the NWSL stop their transphobia and update their policies now!
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