Make Our Campus Safe!

    Dear President Worthen,

    As students of Brigham Young University, we submit this petition of rights. We appreciate the safety that has been afforded us here, yet we are fearful because of the escalation of school shootings across America. The founders of our nation made certain to secure our right to bear firearms in defense of our lives and the lives of those we love. History is ripe with examples of violence enabled by governments and institutions which deny the people’s right to bear arms in their defense. We ask only to protect ourselves.

    The Prophet Joseph Smith taught, “Here is one principle which is eternal; it is the duty of all men to protect their lives and the lives of the household, whenever necessity requires, and no power has a right to forbid it, should the last extreme arrive.”

    In accordance with the Prophet’s declaration, we plead for the recognition of our eternal right to protect ourselves in an increasingly violent world. We feel that by carrying firearms, violent people will be deterred from our campus.

    Our request is that the prohibition of firearms at BYU be overturned and the laws of our state and nation become the rule on campus. We pray that the following signatures will illustrate the concerns and importance of this issue to our student body.

    The Students of Brigham Young University
    firma la petición
    firma la petición
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