Globe and Mail: create space to recognize and showcase small charities in your National Philanthropy Day feature

I recently received the opportunity to pay for editorial coverage (by purchasing ad space) for the Globe and Mail's feature on National Philanthropy Day, which is created in partnership with the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

When I asked about unpaid editorial coverage for small charities (the 80% of 86,000 registered charities in Canada that operate with less than $500,000/year), the response was "if you are involved in the report with an ad, that we can look to profile you in the editorial of the report."

I'm not looking for personal coverage - I'm asking the Globe and AFP to represent all charities, not just the ones with big budgets!

The starting rate for buying ads and editorial (don't they call that an advertorial) is $2,995, well beyond the budget of most charities. Please sign this petition to support small organizations and amplify their voices.

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With over 6,000 signatures, I've sent an updated request to the Globe this morning asking them for at least one article featuring small charities that can't afford ad space. Please, if you have a story about philanthropy and a small organization in Canada, send it my way!

If you volunteer with or work for a small charity and want to know how to get media coverage for your work, join our free masterclass:
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We're pushing 5,000 signatures - let's keep this going! I'm going to be sending a note to the Globe again soon, but I'd love to recommend a few stories they can consider. If you are in Canada, are a small charity, and have a great story to tell around philanthropy send it my way so I can share it! email me at If you want to learn how to pitch a story, check out today's blog post:
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Wow - in 2 days we received almost triple the signatures we were aiming for. Thank you! I'm going to be sending this petition to the Globe and Mail tomorrow (Monday) morning and I will send you the response when I receive it. Please, take a minute now to share on behalf of anyone you know who volunteers for, works in or donates to a small charity. Encourage others to advocate for their voices to be heard in the media.
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We're over 50% of the way to our goal! Please share this in honour of anyone you know who works in, volunteers with, or donates to small charities. We know the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into running small nonprofits and those folks deserve recognition and appreciation!
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