Support Nonprofit Independent Journalism that tells the truth about climate, social justice, energy policy, women's rights and so much more.

With progressive values under attack from President Trump who calls the press, "the enemy of the people", independent nonprofit journalism is needed now more than ever.

Trump's erratic tweets make the headlines, but behind the scenes his administration is quietly changing our country. The administration laughs at Climate Change. The Justice Department is going after people of color. The Interior Department is an open door to the oil and gas industry. Meanwhile, a culture of corruption has thrived.

These often aren't the lead stories on cable news, but they have a profound impact on our democracy. We need journalists to uncover the inner workings of Trump's agenda and challenge his administration when it flouts our values and institutions.

ThinkProgress began as a rapid response blog and has evolved into a newsroom of reporters and editors covering the intersections of politics, climate, policy, and social justice from a progressive perspective. ThinkProgress builds bridges, not walls, as it seeks to inform and enlighten.

In the Trump era, we need more of this kind of journalism. The President and his supporters are using whatever means possible to reshape the United States. Even declaring national emergencies to achieve narrow political ends. We must support dedicated, dogged journalists who can check on the worst excesses of this White House by exposing all the facts.

Add your name to support your progressive values and the work of independent, nonprofit journalism that values truth before power and puts a check on the White House.


Image: Flickr // Senate Democrats

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