Ask Gov. Newsom to improve CA mental health services

California's behavioral health care system is in crisis. Millions of people — adults, children, and our front-line health care workers — can't get the mental health and substance use services they need. Gov. Newsom must act now. 

Nearly 1.5 million Californians live with serious mental illness. Millions more struggle with issues that occasionally rise to crisis level. The COVID-19 pandemic has only added to these challenges. Each of California's 58 counties has a different approach to behavioral health care, making it fragmented, overwhelmed, and confusing.

The California Legislature passed a new bill that will help lead us out of this crisis. Assembly Bill 1331 (D-Irwin) will create a new, statewide leadership position. This new leader will oversee the development of an integrated, effective, and equitable system of care that ensures access to both mental health and substance use services in every county of our state.  

It's time to heal our ailing behavioral health care system. It's time for Gov. Newsom to sign AB 1331 into law. 

Our Health California, a grassroots community of more than 1 million Californians advocating for high-quality, equitable access to care, supports AB 1331. When you add your name to this petition, you also join the Our Health California community to help improve health care access across the state.

Dear Governor Newsom,

Please sign AB 1331 into law to improve behavioral health care for everyone in California.

As an Our Health California supporter — a community of more than 1 million advancing quality, affordable care for all — I'm concerned that our state's fragmented, confusing, and overburdened behavioral health care system is failing too many Californians. Our growing behavioral health crisis is causing many Californians to be unable to get the care they need. Services vary widely depending on location and insurance, leading to significant gaps in care.

But AB 1331 can change that. It would establish a new statewide behavioral health care leadership position to advocate for equitable access to mental health care services.

I ask you to sign this important bill, without which, too many of our neighbors, family, and friends will not get the crisis care they need and deserve.


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