Prevent Dangerous Furniture Tip-Overs

From 2000-2016, nearly 200 people died as a direct result of furniture tip-overs — and the vast majority were children under the age of 6. In 2016 alone, an estimated 2,800 kids under age 6 were injured by furniture tip-overs involving these products.

Despite this clear danger, an industry group called the American Home Furnishings Alliance hasn't supported meaningful action to update safety standards to reduce deaths and injuries. We have concluded the standards in place now do not go far enough, and must be strengthened with tougher test-weight requirements, as well as to include dressers 30 inches and shorter.

While we are calling for the government to set a strong mandatory standard, that process can take a long time, and the industry is in a position to act now.

Will you join us by adding your name to our petition for stronger safety standards today?
As concerned consumers, we are asking you to adopt stronger industry-wide standards to prevent life-threatening furniture tip-over incidents. The current standards covering dressers do not go far enough to protect us. We're specifically asking for standards that would require furniture to be tested with 60 pounds of weight, and for the standards to cover dressers 30 inches and shorter.
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firma la petición
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