Take the Next Step When Making Your Will: Pledge to Create a Power of Attorney for Property and Personal Care.

Planning for the future involves more than just making a Will. It's also the perfect time to discuss why you need a Power of Attorney for Property and Personal Care. Over 70% of Canadians do not have these critical documents, which can have serious consequences if you or your family member becomes incapacitated due to dementia, an accident or any other health issue.

An Attorney for Property's duties and authority often include:

  • Ensuring that your bills are paid and financial accounts kept in good standing.
  • Applying for pension and insurance benefits.
  • Making sure income is used for your benefit and care.
  • Maintaining your residence and adapting it to your changing needs or, if necessary, sold.
  • Signing legal papers including contracts for services like your telephone or cable TV, leases, real estate documents.

An Attorney for Personal Care is charged with making decisions and acting on wishes relating to where you live, medical treatments and care, consent to those treatments and end of life decisions. 

Having these documents ready is like purchasing insurance. Why wait, when you can prepare for the future and have peace of mind today? Pledge to speak with your legal advisor to prepare a power of attorney for property and personal care that reflect your values and wishes! 

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