The UK Government Is Trying to Crack Down on Vegan Dairy Alternatives. It Must Ensure Dairy Products Are Properly Labeled, Too.

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  • destinatario: UK Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
The verdict is in: consumers love vegan alternatives to dairy products. From oat milk and cashew cheeses, to coconut-based ice creams and almond-based yogurt, these items are flying off the shelves as consumers rush to enjoy the latest plant-based alternatives. These products are better for the earth, better for animals, and quite often better for human health as well.

But factory farmers, who profit off of animal exploitation and suffering, hate this new reality.

That's why they've successfully lobbied the British Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), demanding that it try to slow this trend by cracking down on labeling and marketing for vegan dairy products.

Sign the petition to demand DEFRA stop its plan to target non-dairy alternatives!

Under the latest guidance from DEFRA, the UK government is encouraging non-dairy brands to restyle the word "milk" as "mylk" instead, and to avoid using phrases such as "cheddar-type" and "yoghurt-style."

Why? Because the government is suggesting that consumers have supposedly been getting "confused" - and that's allegedly the only reason why families are buying so many more plant-based options.

This idea, naturally, is ridiculous. Consumers aren't stupid. They know that when they're buying oat milk, it is a delicious creamy substance made from oats, not from a mother cow's mammary glands. That's part of the whole point.

But if DEFRA wants to focus on "accuracy" and "clarity," it should really follow that line of logic all the way through to its natural conclusion. That's why PETA UK is urging DEFRA to also require cow-based milks to be labeled as "bovine mammary secretions."

According to PETA: "In accordance with your focus on consumer protection, the label 'bovine mammary secretions' should help the public understand that they are ingesting pus-filled mother's milk from a cow."

DEFRA claims it wants to ensure the public definitely knows what they're buying at the grocery store. In that case, it shouldn't only target non-dairy products. It must apply these standards to dairy products, correctly labeling them as "bovine mammary secretions!" Sign the petition to end this ridiculous anti-vegan witch hunt now.
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