Help protect patients, biotechnology jobs, and our innovative economy in Maryland

Maryland's life sciences and biotechnology industries have been vital in the fight against COVID-19 through developing treatments, vaccines, diagnostic tests, and more. Our biotech industries continue to pursue scientific research and development for this and future pandemics, as well as other diseases and public health threats. However, some lawmakers want to weaken the ability of the industry to deliver future innovations to Maryland patients.

The World Trade Organization is considering issuing a temporary IP waiver for technologies and medications related to COVID-19, called a TRIPS waiver, in the name of increasing access to vaccines and treatments in low-income countries worldwide. However, there is little evidence that IP protections for these vaccines are the barrier to broader uptake. Maryland's life sciences and biotechnology industries depend on strong intellectual property protections to develop and deliver treatments the world depends on. Removing protections endangers the incentive for future investment in innovative research and development for the chronic and rare diseases. 

Help us protect patients, biotechnology jobs, and our innovation economy right here in Maryland.

Join us today and send a letter to Maryland federal legislators urging them to reject policies that threaten the development of new lifesaving therapies and Maryland life sciences jobs.

Dear <<Representative Name>>,

As a Maryland resident, I urge you to reject policies that will negatively affect Maryland's ability to develop, test, and provide lifesaving treatments and cures to patients. Supporting policies that will weaken intellectual property (IP) protections on COVID-19 vaccines will jeopardize Maryland's innovation ecosystem and future investments in innovation. 

Maryland has been a longtime leader in innovation and has one of the largest life sciences hubs in the country that works around the clock to develop critical cures and treatments for chronic diseases and conditions. 

Please do not support policies like the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) waiver which will weaken the ability of the industry to deliver lifesaving innovations to Maryland patients.

Thank you,

[Constituent Name]

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