Ask your MP to get the UK off gas with clean, cheap wind power

We need urgent action to get off the dirty gas which is making our energy bills skyrocket. With the UK's windy weather, we could power our homes with low-cost energy that protects the climate and our wallets.

But the government just refused to allow more cheap, popular wind power for our communities. Their plan for energy is dangeorus for the climate, and will keep our energy bills high. We need to get them to change course. 

The government listens to MPs, so MPs need to hear right now that people want wind. 

Do you have two minutes to tell your MP you want clean, cheap onshore wind, not dirty and dangerous gas? It takes just two clicks to email your MP, and all you need is your postcode. We've got a template email for you to use, but if you have time please add in your own comments too.

Dear [MP name],

I'm one of your constituents, and I'm really worried about soaring energy prices and the climate crisis. I'd really like the government to get on with the job of ending our reliance on expensive and dirty gas by making use of our own clean, renewable energy resources.

I'm really concerned that the government's recent energy statement refused to move forwards and support onshore wind. 

I'd welcome onshore wind in our area, because I know this is one of the best ways to reduce energy costs and increase energy independence in the near term. I'm not alone - 80% of people across the UK support onshore wind,(2) and two-thirds of us would be happy to have onshore wind projects built near where we live.(3) Less than one-third of people are in favour of gas power plants.(4)

Despite this, it's still too difficult for new projects to get going across the UK. Planning barriers in England are more onerous than for new fossil fuel projects; the level of ambition set in government clean energy contracts simply isn't enough; and there's no route to market for community energy projects.

As my representative in Parliament, please can you help cut energy costs and tackle climate change by supporting onshore wind? Supportive MPs are signing an open letter at calling on the government to remove the barriers to wind power, please could you sign this too? You can add your name by sending an email saying Yes to

Please will you reply to this email to let me know whether you will help cut emissions and cut energy bills by supporting onshore wind?

[Your comment here]

Thank you,

[Your name here]

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