Your Mobile Provider is Funding Right-Wing Politicians. Sign Up to Learn More about CREDO Mobile as an Ethical Alternative.

If you learned your current phone company supported causes that don't align with your values, would you switch?

AT&T has long been a funder of Republican politicians (including Donald Trump) and conservative causes, and T-Mobile cozied up to the Trump administration by spending nearly $200,000 at Trump's DC hotel at the same time it needed federal approval for a mega-merger.

When it comes to phone companies that align with progressive values, CREDO Mobile stands alone, donating millions to nonprofit groups that fight for LGBTQ rights, economic equality, climate justice, women's rights, voting rights, racial equity, and more.

Each month, CREDO selects three progressive organizations to receive $150,000 — the distribution of those funds is then voted on by the people. For the month of October, CREDO will be donating to Earth Guardians, Hollaback!, and Supermajority.

Since 1985, CREDO Mobile has donated over $92 million to nonprofits doing critical work at no extra cost to our customers who love using our products and services every day. If you or a family member are considering making the switch to a carrier with a conscience, consider whether you want your money funding civil rights, equality and climate justice — or the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

Sign up to receive voting instructions from CREDO Mobile for this month's nonprofits, as well as get great deals on phones and phone plans to help you switch to a mobile carrier you feel good about.
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