Return Emma and Cody home

  • al: Crystal Reynolds
  • destinatario: Larry Hogan, Maryland Governor; Lourdes R. Padilla, Secretary, Maryland Department of Human Resources

3 years ago, my nephew Cody went to stay with his dad and step mom for 6 months and never came home. His father and step mother changed the papers and stole him from his mother. Last year they did the same thing to my niece Emma. Due to failings of the court system of North Carolina, my sister lost them.

This past August a friend brought to our attention the YouTube page Daddyofive. On this page, the father and stepmother post videos of "pranks" where Emma and Cody and the stepkids are physically, verbally and emotionally abused.

We filed reports with NC police and social services and they in turn called Maryland police and social services. But in Maryland, what goes on in the videos is considered corporal punishment. THIS IS WRONG!

This is abuse in every form of the word and the parents get paid money for abusing these kids. They need to be removed and given back to their mother. But to do so, we need help tobget through to Maryland social services. Please help us.

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It makes me sad that some of the news sources here in America seem to be cowed by the Daddyofive parents. Can they not see that they are being played and manipulated?
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Thank you so much for the support and prayers.
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