This Company Is Making Flying With Pets Unaffordable, Forcing Families to Leave Their Animals Behind

Imagine having to say goodbye to your pet, not because you want to, but because you can't afford to bring them with you. That's the heartbreaking choice facing thousands of families due to IAG Cargo's drastic price hikes for flying pets. IAG Cargo is the main cargo-handling arm of multiple airlines, recently announced an unexplained, drastic price hike. For some, the cost of keeping their pet family together could soar to an impossible $15,000.

Sign the petition to demand IAG Cargo reconsider this decision to raise its prices and coordinate with airlines to make travel with pets more affordable.

Pets are more than animals; they're part of our families. They share our joys, our sorrows, and our living spaces. IAG Cargo's decision threatens to tear these families apart, making the loving presence of a pet a luxury only the rich can enjoy. This isn't just about numbers and fees; it's about keeping our families whole.

We're calling on IAG Cargo to remember the bond between pets and their owners. We're asking for fairness, for compassion, for a chance to keep our pets with us without breaking the bank.

Sign the petition to demand IAG Cargo reverse this decision and work with airlines to make pet trave affordable. Let's raise our voices for our pets. They're worth it.

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