Understanding Where Michigan Students Stand Academically is Critical to COVID-19 Recovery

We know this school year has been hard on our students emotionally and academically here in Michigan. Parents have stepped up in unprecedented ways and are more engaged than they've ever been. But with all the uncertainty and disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers need a complete and consistent picture of how each student is doing. Statewide testing will give us a baseline of data for student progress during the pandemic. 

Unfortunately, the Michigan Department of Education has announced that it will seek a waiver from assessments - despite the fact that 91 percent of Black parents and parents of color and 83 percent of White parents indicate concern about their child falling behind academically because of the pandemic.

That's why this spring, we believe that Michigan should administer comprehensive end of year assessments. Such assessments can help teachers meet every child's unique needs and support them in the areas where they need extra support—as long as the results are not used to judge teachers or intervene in schools.

Comprehensive end of year assessments will:

  • Provide vital information for parents, teachers, and students about student progress and unique needs during and after the pandemic.
  • Measure the skills and subjects in which their child is proficient in, and where he or she needs extra help.
  • Provide state policymakers with data to identify where best to allocate additional funding and supports.

Sign today to demand that state leaders maintain testing requirements that provide objective information about student performance to help better understand what it will take for schools and students to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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