Sign The Petition: The Gun Industry Must Be Held Accountable

Guns are now the #1 killer of kids and teens, yet for too long, gun manufacturers have been able to flood our communities with guns and get away with no consequences. They've spent more than 20 years resisting any efforts at transparency and accountability—even as their greed destroys lives across the country.

And in those 20 years, the majority of their "innovations" have been to make guns more lethal or find new ways to circumvent existing gun laws. 

It does not have to be this way. 

We're demanding gun manufacturers do more to prevent guns from getting into the criminal market, innovate towards safer products, and reform their predatory marketing tactics.

Gun manufacturers have a responsibility to help prevent gun violence and make our communities safer. 

Add your name if you're ready to join our fight to hold the gun industry accountable>>

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