Make your New Years Resolution to eat less meat

With New Year's right around the corner we are all beginning to put together our list of resolutions. When writing your list this year, why not add eat more plants! By eating more plant-based options and reducing your meat intake you can make a much larger impact that you realize.


The benefits:

Protecting animals 

Of the more than 70 billion animals farmed annually, 50 billion of them spend their lives on factory farms. They are treated more like machines, than living, breathing, feeling animals. They endure short, miserable lives and are often confined together in cages, crates or pens which prevents them from engaging in natural behavior. Reducing your meat consumption will make a huge difference to the lives of these animals and free-up resources to help move to higher welfare production.


Your health

Reducing your meat consumption has been linked to reducing cancer rates and heart disease to showing an increased overall lifespan, by consuming more plant-based foods you'll be helping to improve your own health


The planet

Factory farming is one of the leading causes of climate change and deforestation. We can do our part to combat climate change by simply cutting back on the amount of low welfare meat we consume

Make 2020 the year you pledge to eat less meat and help create a kinder, healthier, and more sustainable future. Pledge today!

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