Justice for Xanda, Cecil's Son: Ban Trophy Hunting Now!

On July 7, Cecil the lion’s son, Xanda, was shot and killed just outside the Hwange National Park. Xanda, a Kalahari lion, was the pride male in a group that consisted of two adult lionesses and cubs. They liked to roam near the outside boundary of the national park, where hunting wildlife is permitted. Xanda was shot just two kilometers outside of the park.

Please sign this petition to demand justice for Xanda. Tell Zimbabwe to stop issuing hunting permits to kill endangered animals.

Scientists have assured that Xanda’s death won’t pose an immediate danger to Hwange’s 550-strong lion population. However, the expansion of the trophy hunting business has hurt lion populations overall.

An average of 1,500 lions have been killed each year in the last decade. In the last century, lions have lost 90% of their overall population, and only about 20,000 remain.

These are devastating numbers.

Scientists have suggested implementing a five kilometer no-hunting zone around the park to prevent the loss of wildlife. That would certainly help, however, the best way to stop this trend is to ban trophy hunting altogether.

Please sign this petition demanding justice for Xanda by ending trophy hunting in Zimbabwe.

Photo: Courtesy of Hwange National Park
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