Sheriff sale obtained thru fraudulent claim by attorney firm representing BofA. Commiting perjury at filing of 2012 foreclosure case stating they had possession and control of note when it was discovered it had been destroyed by clerk of court in previos

    Plaintiff continued througout hearings to claim possession of the original note until we requested to examine it. At that time after the judge ordered and they agreed to have the original note at the subsequent hearing instead showing up (to the judges dismay) with a lost note affidavit. The honorable judge then instructed the attorney firms (2) to show their possession of the original note at the time of filing the Certificate of Readiness, a requirement for initiating the foreclosure process in Summit County, Ohio. It was never shown even though it was requested by defendants Joseph Martin, Yankovich and Amy Yankovich many times. The denials came from the new magistrate after the Judge who was assigned to the case from 2012- 2016 possessing an understanding of the case and what travesties were being committed against us, became a Federal Magistrate just months before our trial. The new magistrate would allow none of our witnesses even though the were given timely during discovery. One pf the witnesses was a Federal Compliance Officer who watched their illegal activities for the entire time from 2006. He was present for the trial only to be denied access to the courtroom. The magistrate also did not comply with orders from the Judge that we followed explicitly but not adhered to by the Plaintiff. The magistrate stated it was her court now and went on to display an apparent favoritism toward the Plaintiffs attorneys denying us any resemblance of justice and the courts attempt to find the truth and obvious facts that would have immediately dismissed the case as the Judge stated in his previous Order. We tendered payments in full before a foreclosure was served. Again in all mediations and again as ordered by the Judge presiding over the 2009 case,agreed by us as ready willing and able to immediately pay. The amount almost doubled with additional charges they were denied in court. After repeated requests to obtain the exact amount due to resemble the figure we agreed to in court the figure also was postmarked and made available to us after the coirt ordered deadline making it impossible to make the payment timely. The Plaintiffs attorneys later claimed they were duressed by the court to give the amount of money we owed. Many other criminal acts were commited by the attorneys and the banks they represented. Almost a dozen changes of banks-servicing agents of the alleged note took place during this process. We defended our home until we stopped receiving justice as probably many others before us did in the Summit County Court system. A sheriff's sale is now is set for 3/8/19 . With no other debts in addition to the foreclosure Mrs.Yankovich was forced to file bankruptcy . Susan Lax was the bankruptcy attorney ( and can direct petition to trustee assigned to case
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