Thank AG Stein for protecting North Carolinians from forever chemicals

Recently, the NC Attorney General Josh Stein announced that his office would be suing 14 manufacturers of firefighting foam that contains toxic forever chemicals (also known as PFAS). AG Stein hopes to require the manufacturers to pay for cleaning up the damage and providing safe water treatment systems and wells in polluted areas. 

Can you sign our petition below and help us thank Attorney General Stein for his strong action to protect North Carolinians and our environment from these toxic chemicals?

The Attorney General made a strong statement against these toxic forever chemicals in announcing this action:

"These companies made and sold firefighting foam with dangerous forever chemicals to our firefighters, military servicemembers, and first responders, long after they knew or should have known how harmful this foam was," Stein said in the news release. "As a result, forever chemicals have seeped into our soil and groundwater and put people's health at risk – all so these chemical companies could line their pockets. It's wrong." – Durham Herald-Sun

 Protecting communities from PFAS pollution will require action and leadership across our state and federal government. Please join us in thanking AG Stein for his bold action and encourage him to continue to protect our communities from forever chemicals.

Attorney General Stein,

We, the undersigned, thank you for your bold action against toxic forever chemicals by suing 14 manufacturers who make firefighting foam with these dangerous chemicals in them. We encourage you to continue to show strong leadership to protect communities from PFAS pollution. Thank you for standing up for our environment and our health. 

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