No More Junk Food In Vending Machines!

On average, the food packed into vending machines – common culprits like soda, cookies, and chips – contain an average of 400 calories per serving.

It's no wonder that even in Colorado, one of the healthiest states in the country, we're seeing a surge in obesity. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even stroke are just a few of the serious health impacts of an unhealthy diet.

To help people make better choices, the city of Denver is considering a healthy vending policy to ensure that all city venues are offering healthy options. This is a great start, but we must urge Denver to craft and pass the strongest policy possible or the surge in obesity will continue spiraling out of control.

Here's what we need: a comprehensive policy that applies to 100% of all city contracts, not just vending machines, while also requiring that all food and beverages covered by the policy meet the nutritional standards developed by the city.

Denver, and Colorado as a whole, is seen as a national leader in health. As such, we should lead the way on healthy vending and procurement.

Tell the city of Denver to be a leader and enact a comprehensive and healthy vending policy.
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