Spanish Politicians: Ban Cruel Bull Fiestas

In just a few weeks, a bull will be chased out of the town of Tordesillas by groups of men on foot and horseback wielding long spears as part of Toro de la Vega bull fiesta. The bull will be taunted, goaded and eventually stabbed to death – his killer will be celebrated and awarded. This terrible spectacle is just one of thousands of similar events held in Spain every year that inflict cruelty on bulls in the name of entertainment – events that are opposed by the majority of Spanish citizens.

Neither entertainment nor culture can excuse cruelty to animals. It is time for Spanish politicians to end cruel bull fiestas once and for all.

Dear Decision Maker,

I am shocked and upset to learn about the brutal Toro de la Vega bull fiesta and other similar events that inflict terrible brutality on bulls and expose horses to great danger.

Neither entertainment nor culture can excuse cruelty to animals. We cannot allow animals to suffer in this way.

The majority of Spanish citizens are opposed to this fiesta and I support their calls for this, and other similar events, to be brought to an end as soon as possible.

I urge you to take a compassionate stand against animal cruelty, to carefully listen to the wishes of Spanish citizens, and end these brutal spectacles, for good.

Thank you.
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