I had upskirt photos taken of me – sign to make this a sexual offence in England & Wales!

Last week at British Summer Time music festival in London, the two men whose faces I've obscured in the photo above were taking upskirt photos of my -you know what I mean- without me knowing. They sent them to each other and I saw it on one guy's phone. I grabbed his phone and ran to security who called the police. After looking at the photos, confirming it was me, and questioning him they let us go, and we tried to enjoy what was left of The Killers. 

I got a call 5 days later saying the case was closed and was told by the Met police "there's not much we can do" because "it's not a graphic image". However, Care2 discovered that upskirt photos can be a crime in the UK. In fact, a man was successfully prosecuted in 2009 for taking upskirt photos. 

Please join me in calling on the Met Police to reopen my case and help me to get justice by prosecuting the men. 

This happens regularly to so many women and by putting pressure on the police to prosecute we're also aiming to raise awareness nationwide that this is a crime. The existing offence is Outraging Public Decency - to commit an act of a lewd, obscene and disgusting nature, which is capable of outraging public decency, in a public place where at least two members of the public who were actually present at the time could have witnessed it. But we want the law to specify clearly that this is a sexual offence with a victim, by adding this offence to the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

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Great news! There is now a bill going through Parliament which would make upskirting a sexual offence. It's really important that your MP supports the bill. Please sign this new petition to send an email to your MP asking for their support. Thank you!
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Have you been a victim of upskirting? Help us to change the law. If this happened to you in the UK, please share your testimony here with Gina Martin so she can use it in her campaign. #stopskirtingtheissue
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Good news! We are now backed by Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem MPs, Police high commissioners, some of the countries best academics and global law firm Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP.
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