Protect Parks from Ambler Mining Road

The Ambler mining road threatens the future of the Western Arctic caribou, which undertake one of the greatest land migrations on Earth. The industrial access road would not only cut across the caribou's migration pathway, but it would also slice through Gates of the Arctic National Preserve.

The Ambler mining road endangers the Western Arctic herd, risking an essential food source for many Alaska Native villagers who depend on the caribou to feed their households. The mining road would also cross nearly three thousand streams and rivers, threatening the local fisheries that local people depend upon. The costs far outweigh the benefits of building this road.

Tell the Bureau of Land Management to protect the Western Arctic caribou, Alaska Native communities, and Alaska's spectacular parklands by analyzing the true costs of the Ambler mining road!
As a supporter of our national parks, I urge you to properly assess the true impacts on Northwest Alaska parklands, people, water, and wildlife by the Ambler industrial mining road.

The Ambler mining road would bulldoze through thousands of clear-running streams, threatening clean water and essential subsistence and commercial fisheries. It would cut through Gates of the Arctic National Preserve and threaten the Western Arctic Caribou Herd's migration.

This ecologically intact landscape is part of America's conservation legacy and the lifeblood of the communities across Northwest Alaska.

For these reasons, the Bureau of Land Management must conduct a thorough review of the many environmental and cultural impacts of this proposed project before making a final decision.

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