@Brewdog - mocking trans women, sex workers and homeless people is not punk or ethical! #DontMakeUsDoThis

Pull your #DontMakeUsDoThis video and apologise now!

BrewDog beer company claims to be "beer for punks". They claim to be ethical. Yet in their new crowdsourcing video they mock homeless people, trans women and sex workers. They say, "don't make us do this" whilst performing as offensive caricatures of people, many of whom already suffer discrimination every day. They are mocking the lives and experiences of people who real punks would be defending and helping.

Worse, this is a fundraising video - they're using these images in an exploitative manner to make money.

Sign now to tell BrewDog that they should pull their #DontMakeUsDoThis video, apologise, and give donations to relevant charities working for the rights of homeless people, trans women and sex workers.

If enough people sign, BrewDog will see that they need to change their approach in order to keep their customers.
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Hi everyone, Brewdog have responded very poorly. They say, "If you believe we are ridiculing [trans people, homeless people, sex workers], you are either misguided, ill-informed or out of your tiny mind." You might want to comment on their response and let them know what you think.
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