Sign if you agree: Preventative Pet Care Saves Lives and Keeps Families Together!

Access to veterinary care is critical for the health of our community's pets, and the people who love them.

The San Francisco SPCA's goal is to ensure all San Francisco pets and guardians have access to humane care by 2030. The first phase in our 10-year plan focuses on providing preventative care. A service as simple as wellness exams can be the best way to prevent or detect illnesses that impair the quality of life of a pet.

We have also created affordable programs for spay/neuter, as well as a sliding scale program, which gives us the opportunity to provide additional compassionate care to as many cats and dogs as possible. Providing these services to our under-resourced communities means pets can live longer, healthier lives with their family.

With access to services like this, pets can receive the care they need, and their guardians can know their pet is happy and healthy. Together we can create a community where veterinary healthcare is accessible to all.

Please sign to show your support for these valuable services that help pets and their families stay together.
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