Let's Get Made in America Infrastructure Investment Over the Finish Line!

Years of neglect have left America's roads, bridges, waterworks, electrical grid and more in terrible shape. At the same time, other countries are leading the way on clean energy and broadband.

The good news is that the Biden administration and Members of Congress are FINALLY coming together to do something about it — and now it is time to get the job done!

Let's rebuild American infrastructure with Buy America preferences, which will ensure taxpayer money spent on these projects is reinvested right back into American workers, businesses, and communities. After all, it makes no sense to shift from foreign oil to Made in China solar panels and electric vehicles, costing American jobs.

Tell your Members of Congress to finalize infrastructure and clean energy investment legislation, which will create millions of jobs and literally lay the foundation for a better future.
It is time for Congress and the White House to invest in rebuilding our nation's infrastructure with strong Buy America rules to support the creation of good-paying American jobs.

There is a demonstrated need for massive investment in our public infrastructure. America's bridges, water systems, broadband internet, school buildings, and other modes of critical infrastructure have long been in terrible shape. The United States lags behind much of the world, including China, when it comes to clean energy manufacturing and energy efficiency.

We are now seeing the devastating real-world consequences of inaction. Millions of people lost electricity and heat this year in Texas, Kentucky, Oregon, and other states during a severe winter storm because of chronic underinvestment in the electric grid.

Meanwhile, the deepening economic crisis facing Americans only reinforces the need to make game-changing, job-supporting investments in the infrastructure that we all rely on in our daily lives.

An infrastructure package with strong Buy America rules will create more jobs and have a higher long-term return for our economy than relying on imported iron, steel, and manufactured products to build our public infrastructure. Investments in American-made infrastructure and clean energy could create millions of good new jobs across our nation.

It is time for Congress and President Biden to move forward with a comprehensive infrastructure agenda. We must also express confidence in U.S. manufacturers and American workers by ensuring that our infrastructure spending adhere to strong Buy America rules: This investment must benefit all American workers.
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