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    Ten of thousands of years ago, in caves around the world, humans made cave paintings. Some of these images were that of their very hands. The first signatures.
    All written languages began by hand. All cultures and societies expressed themselves this way since the dawn of civilization.

    Our language can be written in cursive. It is a fast-flowing way to express ourselves. This method has survived for hundreds of years and is entrenched in our history and culture.

    Today, cursive is on the decline. Many school children around this country are no longer being taught cursive. It is considered not essential in a world of ever-expanding emotionless technology.
    This is a tragedy.
    Children are not learning that hand to eye coordination that is so important to their developing brains. Cursive writing is not just a written language, it is an art. It is a beautiful form of expression.
    Denying children this knowledge and art is to deny them a birthright.
    Can you imagine a nation where the people cannot sign their names and express their identities? A signature is who we are.

    It is painful to us to see this decline.

    “Sign Here” is an effort to raise awareness of the importance of cursive writing as both an important skill and an artistic expression.
    We feel that it is time for the government to stop this degradation of learning and make cursive a requirement in all schools.
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    firma la petición
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