End Cruelty with Stray Dogs and Cats in Bangladesh

    I am writing this petition because I am deeply shocked and distressed by the way people in our country are treating stray dogs and cats. It's not just mistreatment; it's a cruel practice that involves harming and killing these innocent animals. Animals are an integral part of our world; they are born into it with the right to live. However, it saddens me to admit that some people in my country are burdening themselves with the guilt of hurting and killing these defenseless stray cats and dogs. They resort to throwing large stones and poisoning these animals.

    I am reaching out to all of you for support in putting an end to this discrimination in Bangladesh.

    I'm also publishing this petition for protest. I'm begging for protest from this world. Protest from wherever you can, based on where you are living.
    firma la petición
    firma la petición
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