Tell Texas to get rid of Abbott's floating chainsaw border barrier in the Rio Grande!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott just installed "chainsaw-like" devices and razor wire on buoys in the Rio Grande, working overtime to fulfill his life-long dream of becoming a real life super villain. The buoys are already brutalizing immigrants, with remnants of clothing left in its jaws as proof. Operation Lone Star breached the guidelines of humanity weeks ago, chainsaw buoys are just barbaric. 

Texas Representative Sylvia Garcia said "the barbaric, inhumane, and ungodly practices in [her] home state of Texas… is beyond politics and crosses a line into human rights violations." In July, a Texas trooper who had even previously backed Operation Lone Star was so appalled they wrote a letter detailing brutality at the border, maimed women and children, and even orders to refuse water. It's a complete disregard for human life. 

Abbott's excuse? A poorly interpreted passage from the constitution allowing states war powers when they're being invaded. The only thing is, we are not being invaded — immigrants are seeking refuge. But Greg Abbott couldn't care less if they die. The Department of Justice is suing the state for violation of federal waterways laws, but the buoys need to be removed as soon as possible before anyone else gets hurt.

Add your name to call for an immediate end to Abbott's evil war zone in the Rio Grande!

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