Ford Could Make Cars Drive Away From Owners with Animals or Kids Stuck Inside

The car company Ford has patented a new technology that would allow it to program cars to drive away when owners fail to make payments on time.

If you think that sounds dystopian, wait until you hear about the other ideas Ford has for punishing people living in poverty.

Sign now to demand Ford get rid of this proposal immediately!

Ford's self-repossession plan presents a whole slew of safety issues. For example: What if there is a child or pet in the backseat while the car drives away? What if the owner still has possessions in the car? What if the self-driving tech is - much like we've seen in other self-driving cars so far - extremely unpredictable, and dangerous, and hits pedestrians?

But the proposal goes deeper. Before the car is repossessed, Ford would also be able to make the driving experience "unpleasant." This plan includes locking windows shut and making loud noises if a person doesn't pay on time.

In other words, Ford plans to add potentially deadly features to a vehicle as a way to punish poor people.

Too many people die in cars every year. Ford's new plan would make vehicles more dangerous than ever.

Ford's proposed new programs are, at best, inhumane and at worst, torturous and dangerous. We cannot allow Ford to move forward with any of these proposed programs. Sign the petition to tell Ford to trash these horrifying proposals immediately!
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