We Demand Properly Trained Law Enforcement

There have been so many wrong deaths due to police brutality, many of these lives lost were INNOCENT and UNARMED black folks. Let's stop this absolutely horrific trend by creating law enforcement that is truly here to protect and serve. To be a qualified law enforcement officer all candidates need to:
1. Know CPR+ first aid
2. They NEED to take anatomy and physiology courses to understand how to properly and SAFELY restrain somebody, especially in the event of medical distress
3. Psychological evaluations should be done YEARLY
4. If an officer is suspended for excessive force they should have limited time in the field
5. More than one suspension for excessive force should leave the officer on PERMANENT desk duty WITHOUT a service weapon
6. Give more people of color opportunities!
The system is fixed where a majority of our law enforcement are not people of color, we need to create a system that creates equal opportunities and a justice system that truly serves the people!

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